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after 3 or 4 days of battling with an iframe and scrollbox (two sliiiightly different things) for my art page, I AM VICTORIOUS! and not only in firefox but the dreaded IE too!!! albeit fixing up the IE bit was a bitch.


well, time to start page 3.

Reality vs Intention

i thought it might be interesting to compare what i wanted my page to look like against what i actually have done

this is the photoshop mock up of my home page:

and heres a screenshot of my actual homepage:

just kidding

ok heres the latest version. nobody has a screen smaller the 950px across so i decided to be a little less conservative with the space. the design is intended to be very simple and clean. this isn’t usually my style but there is a method behind my madness. art gallery walls are almost always a shade of white, this is to bring more attention the the displays rather than the Gib board. the same concept will apply to my website.

home page: the three buckets will be links to other pages: the paintbrush bucket goes to the art page, the video camera bucket goes to the video page, and the bucket with my head in it goes to the about page. i’ve also left the original nav bar up the top for people that dont quite get it (“dont make me think!”)

Art page: it has 2 iframes, one that scrolls through the artworks and the other that displays whichever artwork is selected. the purpose of having a scrolling iframe is so that the viewer will not lose sight of the enlarged artwork by scrolling down the page. this means the viewer can still look at the enlarged while selecting which picture to look at next.  also by having two iframes (one that controls the other) only whats inside the iframes will reload when a different picture is clicked on, meaning that the whole page wont default to the top of the page if you’ve scrolled the entire page down to have a better look at the image (mainly for people with shorter screens)

Video page:

About page:

the other day Angel suggested i watch this music video Lemonade by Cocorosie. HOLYHEHCHJKHEKUH it was awesome!!! so in response i set out to find a video just as good. i didnt find one. so heres some songs from my mp3 player.

CSS – alala

Feist – my moon my man

Peaches – fuck the pain away

heres a link to a proper blog:

Angelpaint II – The Human Printer

this is a tutorial. if you have the eyes of a ninja. otherwise, its just cool. I’m cool

its also a game called spot the crack, the remote, my mum, and my pants change

slapped on a bit of dark orange

here’s a lil photoshop doodle of what my team hopes the mural will turn out like.

for studio practice class